Understanding Window Basics
February 16, 2018

Choosing The Right Windows


Choosing the right windows is a combination of personal preference, architectural design, availability, budget and current condition of the house.  Oakville Windows offer an array of colors and materials to coordinate with the home exterior and glass.

Arts and Crafts – This style can support a mix of full-panes on the bottom and accented divided panes on the top of a double-hung.  The panes are normally elongated with only three long panes on the upper portion and no cross pieces.  Non-opening windows are divided into several panes with muntins along the top.

Colonial and Cape Cod Styles – Double-hung windows with six individual panes divided by muntins on the tops and bottoms.  More elaborate Colonials and Cape Cods may have a large, non-operable, picture window with many small panes on the front of the house.

Cottage Farmhouse – A simple style of two glass panes separated by a muntin on the top and bottom of double-hung windows.  So, when the window is closed it will have only four panes.  Variations include the bottom as a single pane, or the top half with a valance grid.

Modern or Contemporary – Originating in the mid-20th Century, plain and almost austere panels came into vogue, usually with casement and awning windows with no muntins.  Sometimes there will be a simple grid to simulate an open window.

Prairie Style – Casement windows are usual for this option.  They may have a grid pattern on the sides with a small square pane in each corner coupled with a longer pane along the top and bottom with a plain center pane.

Tudor – Diamond patterns are typical of this European style that may cover the entire window or only a portion.  This mode pares well with casement windows of six or more panes on a panel.

Victorian and Neo-Victorian – Known for elaborate exteriors (sometimes called “gingerbread”), a typical window would have a plain, full panel on the bottom with diamond patterns on the top.  Stained glass was, and is, a popular characteristic.  Modern versions frequently use a Colonial style with six or eight panels on a double-hung window.  Fanlights are also quite popular and offer additional natural lighting.

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