Patio doors can either be made of vinyl or wood. They can also be either swinging or sliding. Oakville patio doors that we manufacture are made tough so that they can handle the Canadian weather which is sometimes harsh, and create a good view at the same time.

Patio doors that we create have low maintenance, are energy efficient, heavy duty and easy to use too. You could be thinking about creating patio doors so that you can have great entrance or to create an interesting view of your backyard. You can trust our skilled and experienced staff to help you to get the right patio door for you.If you need some more ideas about patio door, there is a gallery prepared here to inspire you with numerous designs for patio doors. Click here to see Oakville windows and doors gallery.


  • Our patio doors assist you to save your cooling and heating bills, and allows you to enjoy the outdoors at the same time.
  • Our patio doors are maintenance free. Vinyl patio doors do not corrode, blister or rot under normal conditions.
  • The doors the ability to maximize their thermal efficient by the use of multi chambered profiles. This increases the strength of the frame and reduces noise transmission of the door.
  • Patio doors are also easy to use. They have art rollers which are easy to replace and adjustable too.


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