Awning Windows have the ability to let in air and prevent rain from entering a room. These windows can open out or up to create an interesting awning like feeling. These windows are hinged at the top, and they can open outwards. These window units have screened placed on their interior. It is possible to open the entire window area just like casements. The sliders found in these windows have a limit of covering less than a half of the window area.

These windows have the ability to create a really elegant exterior and interior design of your home. They are also easy to operate. An awning window has a hinge at the top, and this can be an advantage to the owner. This means that the window can be left open in instances when it is raining so as to provide more ventilation, as well as little risk of water from the rain entering your house. The window also draws out more air out compared to the quantity of air that it draws in. Therefore, when this window is combined with other windows, it makes a perfect combination.


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